Jazz™ Claw answers the challenging issue of top of long construct fixations, especially in spinal deformity treatments.
Jazz™ Claw is the unique innovative and simple hybrid “autostable claw” available in the market, combining hooks with the Band technology from the proven Jazz™  platform.
Jazz™ Claw is an adaptable and modular implant of the fact that it offers (the option) the choices:
• Between two surgical and reduction techniques
• To be coupled with 5.5 or 6.0 mm union rods, in titanium alloy or cobalt-chrome

Among the additional features:
• Compression and distraction ability
• Performance and reliability of the Band: > 52,000 implanted Jazz™ sold
• Sterile implants
• Only 4 additional instruments added into the Jazz™ container
• French design and manufacturing, in compliance with Directive 93/42/EC


Connector – Hooks – Screws and Rods Other Rods Band Buckle and metal strip
Materials  Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V Chrome-Cobalt alloy Polyester Stainless steel
Standards   ISO 5832-3  ISO 5832-12 N/A ASTM F1717


Connector: Unique connector for 5.5 et 6.0mm diameters rods

Dual Rod

Dia. 4/5.5 L 70

(Dia. 4 – 25 mm /

Dia. 5.5 – 40 mm)

Ti6Al4V CoCr Al
Straight Straight




Right Right Large


Left Large