IMPLANET dedicates this vision to everyone working in the care system: manufacturers of health products, healthcare facilities, practitioners, operating theatre staff as well as health budget and expenditure administrative organizations.

IMPLANET aims two major families of products, which is the result of focusing on these different groups and carrying out a detailed analysis of their needs:

– A specialized range of implants dedicated to spinal surgery; it is developed around braid implants offering to surgeons multiple solutions and constituting as an alternative choice to traditional fixation systems particularly in the treatment of the most complex pathologies such as scoliosis;

– A range of implants dedicated to knee surgery.

By this ethical and professional approach, IMPLANET is looking for the highest level of quality, regulatory compliance and product performance while targeting as a “first in class” quality service to those involved in the supply chain. As such, this policy applies to the distribution subsidiary IMPLANET America.

This offering is made possible in order to guarantee maximum patient safety by concentrating on the development and monitoring of the life of our products and by optimizing both in-house and external operations.

IMPLANET aims to satisfy its clients and undertakes to put in place the human and material resources to achieve and sustain this satisfaction in a customer focused and continuous control process. IMPLANET organizes and conducts its business, respecting its deadlines and processes, with ambitious, but nevertheless measurable and achievable, objectives.

IMPLANET also recognizes the role of its staff’s commitment and skills as the key factor in its success. Curiosity, innovation, participation and independence are therefore essential Company values.

IMPLANET and its Management undertake to be particularly attentive and receptive to the needs and suggestions of customers, staff and suppliers, in order to constantly improve the quality and performance of our products and services for the mutual benefit of all those working in the community in which we work.

The General Management is the guarantor that these principles are followed and applied and that they permanent adapt to the best industry can offer. The key to our success and future is the commitment, engagement and responsibility of each member of our staff.