To imagine then design the implants with flawless quality and security, easy to use, in order to ensure the patient comfort while improving the performances of the surgeon, and bring continuous improvements to the existing range, are the missions of IMPLANET R & D team.

Led by Régis Le Couëdic, 34 years of experience in orthopaedics and spinal implants within market leading companies, the IMPLANET R & D team made of experienced engineers together with an experienced Marketing team works closely with leading surgeons from public and private practices.

The IMPLANET R & D team funds on the excellence of its employees and the pooling of their specific expertise, to achieve its ultimate goal: to offer a high quality range of implants, with scientifically sound bases specifications, to adequately respond to needs of healthcare professionals, not favoring design aesthetics, but adapted to the use and patient-oriented benefit.

IMPLANET R & D team investment in the pursuit of the product design allows for coherence between the economic, commercial and technical scopes.

The IMPLANET team of professionals offers for years an approach of manufacturing implants and instruments involving a real search in the product design from the conception. The idea is not necessarily to reinvent spinal and orthopaedic implants in their entirety but to develop durable quality prosthesis, figuring the product in all its dimensions.

Due to its proximity with the medical teams, IMPLANET strongly believes that an optimum clinical outcome comes from devices adapted to the body and not the other way round.

This is why the IMPLANET R & D team chooses to invest into the ongoing search of the medical surgeon efficiency by providing a product with an uncompromised quality and ease of use, in order to achieve time savings and therefore, increased profitability with always in mind the necessity for the future patients to always receive the best intra- and postoperative cares.