Medical device flow management requires thorough procedures to ensure traceability, quality and product integrity.

For 16 years, IMPLANET’s mission has been to provide implants and instruments of uncompromising performance and quality for different segments of orthopaedic surgery. To achieve the highest level of quality and safety for the patient, Implanet meets a triple quality control standard based on very precise specifications.

  1.  Quality control during the manufacturing process
  2.  Control to ensure product compliance
  3.  Final packaging control

With the objective of saving time and reducing the possibility of errors, IMPLANET offers a system to simplify the control of its inventory:

  • Individual sterile packaging.
  • A strippable traceability label containing implant information.


IMPLANET is specifically calibrated and organized to meet requirements of our healthcare system : to provide better care by optimizing the use of financial and human resources, never compromising on product quality.

All of our products are tested and are in accordance with:

  • The latest ASTM and ISO  standards
  • The requirements of the European directive for CE marking
  • The requirements of the FDA for 510 (k) clearance