Jazz™ Passer is an addition to the Jazz™ Platform that assists in Band fixation of posterior spinal structures. It is comprised of a specific Band and a complete range of passer instruments, and is intended to be used with all Jazz™ Platform connectors.   

Universal, Jazz™ Passer can be used with all Jazz™ Platform Connectors

Jazz™ Passer is composed of:

  • 3 Passer options
  • 1 Passer Band for sublaminar, subtransverse, interspinous usage

Ease of use

  • Insert passer under the vertebral structure
  • Place Passer hole around Passer hook
  • Lower Passer handle towards operative site
  • Band passes around vertebral structure

No additional instrument tray required,

Passers integrate into existing Jazz™ trays


Passer Band Buckle
Material Stainless Steel Polyester Stainless Steel
Standards ISO7153-1 NA ASTM F139


Implant Instruments
Jazz™ Passer Band Straight Passer 15 mm
Straight Passer 20 mm
Straight Passer 25 mm
 Round Passer
 Round Passer – Angled
JAZZ Elevator
Jazz™ Passer is used with the Jazz™ Platform Connectors