Jazz™ Standalone is a unique implant for cerclage independently of any posterior fixation system, complementing the existing Jazz™ Platform, and offering a credible and efficient alternative, addressing the problems encountered with the metal cable systems.
  • Unique concept on the market
  • Sterile implant
  • Connector for independent locking Band
  • Bone/implant interface: braided Band fits the anatomical structures
  • Simple and rapid implementation
  • Open and flat polyester Band coming from the Jazz™ Platform: proven concept
  • No metal in the canal = no artifact
  • Single tensioning instrument for reduction and correction of the spine
  • Single instrument ancillary
  • Limited learning curve
  • French design and manufacturing, in compliance with 93/42/EC


Connector Band Buckle of the Band
Material Titanium alloy Ti6AI4V Polyester Stainless steel
Standard ISO 5832-3 N/A ASTM F139


  • One unique implant, adaptable to any spine anatomies with a posterior approach