Innovative and unique concept in the market addressing degenerative spine surgeons concerns, Jazz™ Cap SP (Screw Protection) is the only current solution that allows direct coupling with a pedicle screw (Jazz™ Screw) to supplement it. Significantly increase its primary stability in situations of poor quality of the patient’s bone.

Supplied sterile, Jazz™ Cap SP is a real alternative to fenestrated screws using surgical cement or expansion screws, avoiding the numerous per and postoperative complications related to the recovery of these implants, found in the literature.

Jazz™ Cap SP uses either the Jazz™ Band or Jazz™ Passer Band with performances proven by more than 52,000 poses and 9 years of clinical follow-up.

Jazz™ Cap SP allows you to create up to 4 fixation points on the same vertebra with minimal profile and that no other implant on the market can provide:

  • The pedicle fixation is ensured by the Jazz™ screw, whose surgical technique is standard
  • Sub-laminar fixation is allowed by the Jazz™ Cap SP, which is very quick to implement because it is easy and requires few instruments.

Thanks to its innovative screw and tape locking mechanisms and its modularity that automatically positions the belt in an optimal position just above the blade, Jazz™ Cap SP is characterized by its quick and easy implementation with a minimum of instruments and a reduced learning curve.


Connector  Locking Mechanism Braid Buckle and metal strip
Materials Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V  PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) Optima LT1 Polyester Stainless steel
Standards ISO 5832-3  ASTM F2077-03 ASTM F1717


Implant composition